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About half are now considered heavy users of the Internet, while heavy use of radio, television, newspapers and direct mail has declined within this group. Gordon, Entrepreneur. Source of data: she-conomy […]. Other estimates are much higher. Women account for about 85 percent of all consumer purchases and represent the majority of shoppers […]. So how exactly are moms responding to […]. And […]. In the world of marketing and communications, one size does not fit all!

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Posted on February 18, by sheconomy We know that women are responsible for 85 percent of all brand purchases. A new study reveals that Internet use far surpasses TV and print. And women […]. How is this market […]. And if they are […]. Is that news to you? For starters, check out She-conomy. Learning how to communicate with them no matter what […]. How will this change the way they see your […].

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Other research reveals […]. Remember, women are half the market and in the U. With numbers like that I have to deduce that […]. Women are affluent. Stephanie Holland at She-conomy demonstrates the power and wealth women command, today, in her "Marketing to Women Quick Facts".

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Many of her stats reflect the boomer […]. Check out some quick facts about marketing to Boomer Women. Women make the majority of purchasing decisions in this country, and affluent women buy more products and services. Read more about marketing to women. There is so much more. Check out She-conomy. Your gadget is super cool, but your math skills seem to be […]. Thats a […]. We already purchase roughly 85 percent of the goods and services in the United States, from clothes to cars. Read that again and think about this for a […].

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Women have the very leadership skills the world needs right […]. In other words, women are responsible for two-thirds of our […]. I knowing this, is hard for me to imagine why we seem to need to perpetuate […]. So not having at least an equal amount of women in the boardroom and in leadership positions is […]. But incredibly, only three percent of […]. Advertisers should certainly take note as well as NBC who was recently acquired by Comcast. We […]. Do you doubt the women in your life? No wonder brands portray them more favourably than their […].

Consumers buy green products for a variety of reasons — environmental concerns, health concerns, toxicity, money savings etc. Of all of these reasons, health concerns especially with chemicals are the foremost reason that people make the switch. If you are going to play up stereotypes, at least make […]. Once relegated to keeping the house and deferring big purchase decisions to the husband, these […]. This is one reason for the huge influx in businesses using female bloggers to help get the word out about their business by doing product reviews or giveaways to other female readers.

Check out some of the quick facts and all the great articles on the subject of marketing to women over at She-conomy. According to research compiled by She-economy. Apparently, women purchase more homes, vacations, […].

5 Ways Marketers can Engage Millennial and Gen Z Mothers (Marketing to Millennials & Gen Z Series)

So why is this important? If you have a website that you use for attracting clients, then you better cater to […]. Because women are the biggest consumer group, and consequently also the main audience for commercials, even the most obscure products are […]. Posted in Online Marketing, Social […]. According to she-conomy. Out […]. I was recently quite taken with the […]. So, as a woman, a mother, and a feminist going into this rally and campaign, I was expecting a lot […].

See Report by She-conomy. Women are […]. Since women are responsible for 85 percent of all purchases, that certainly bodes well for […]. And it shows. Together they represent incredible buying power many are moms who make buying decision for their families. They have special enthusiasm for […]. I suspect some are married to a woman, have parented one, maybe have a few female friends.

Some studies suggest nearly a quarter of moms shop online at least once a day so it was clear there was tremendous opportunity and need for our […]. In a consumer society like ours, the role of women in making household purchasing decisions is a well-established fact. Indeed, the entire web 2.

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Comscore says women are the majority of […]. Comscoresays women are the majority of […]. Dar reprezentam cu siguranta o piata cu potential […]. We feed our families, increasingly doing so on limited budgets. We clothe our children, take care […]. Women like gays, very much. Deze doelgroep is vooral geinteresseerd in mode, interieur, design, lifestyle en […]. So does that bumper sticker. Women matter. So unless you operate solely in porn, it might be a good idea to grasp the concept that those in […].

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  4. Simply put, women are influential and drive the […]. Simply put, women are influential and drive the economy. If the internet is made up of women and cats, then why […]. According to figures from She-conomy. Una empresa que lo tiene muy claro es […].

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    According to She-Conomy. And so, brands have tapped their influence by creating strategic marketing campaigns […]. As a result, brands have tapped their influence by creating strategic marketing […]. And so, brands have tapped […]. If its tweets are any indication of the […]. I am the principal wage earner in my family, but I never spend money on luxuries for me, and I […].

    Secondly, meet their needs — they want the best for their families, and are asking around for recommendations before getting our their wallets. And finally, speak their language.