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He is openly homosexual and this book will not be pleasant reading for many Christians, conservatives and Nationalists, for it approvingly monitors the growth of homosexual influence in Hollywood film and TV. Still, Ehrenstein is an engaging and skillful writer and clearly knows the film-making industry and its most powerful people. This book is essential reading for all those who wonder why the big screen and the small box are continually pushing the envelope on homosexuality and providing it with a falsely harmless face. We also get more than a peek into the affinity of sodomy and sado-masochistic practices.

It is in the sitcoms that homosexual propaganda is most successfully promoted. After ploughing through this book I began to wonder if many in the film industry are straight. The Grand Old Man of musical theatre was born in the 19th Century, but expresses a surprisingly enlightened attitude towards gays in this autobiography.

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Open Secret: Gay Hollywood The chapter on Tom Cruise is a hoot! Ewen, David. American Musical Theatre. A sensational reference book, long out of print. Eyman, Scott. The best book ever on what happened when sound turned Hollywood on its ear.

Open Secret: Gay Hollywood - AbeBooks - David Ehrenstein:

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New York: G. Putnam's Sons, The best of the Bankhead bios provides a fun peek into Broadway and Hollywood in the 20th Century. Hadleigh, Boze. Hollywood Gays. Hadleigh candidly interviewed some prominent homosexual men in film and television, then withheld the texts until all of them were dead. The results provide a fascinating look into some of America's most public closeted lives. Hollywood Lesbians. New York: Barricade Books, Herman, Jerry. New York: Donald I.

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Open Secret: (Gay Hollywood 1928-1998) by David Ehrenstein

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