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Its prominent applications include, for examples, portfolio selection, capital budgeting, production planning, resource allocation, computer networks, reliability networks and chemical engineering. The book is a comprehensive and systematic treatment of the methodology of nonlinear integer programming.

Monotropic Programming: A Generalization of Linear Programming and Network Programming

The book's goal is to bring the state-of-the-art of the theoretical foundation and solution methods for nonlinear integer programming to students and researchers in optimization, operations research, and computer science. This book systemically investigates theory and solution methodologies for general nonlinear integer programming, and at the same time, provides a timely and comprehensive summary of the theoretical and algorithmic development in the last 30 years on this topic.

Author: R. It refers not only to constrained movement away from a point, but also to modes of perturbation and approximation that are best describable by 'set convergence', variational convergence of functions' and the like. This book develops a unified framework and, in finite dimension, provides a detailed exposition of variational geometry and subdifferential calculus in their current forms beyond classical and convex analysis. Also covered are set-convergence, set-valued mappings, epi-convergence, duality, maximal monotone mappings, second-order subderivatives, measurable selections and normal integrands.

Author: Robert A. Day has also expanded the section on poster preparation and presentation. The author helps good scientists become good writers by providing a practical guide to the process of writing, organising, illustrating, and submitting scientific research for publication in a scholarly scientific journal. Refine your search or Author Index. References [1] Ahlfeld, D. Dembo, J. Nonlinear Programming on Generalized Networks. Batra, e S. European Journal of Operational Research 16, No.

Magnanti, e J. Network Flows: Theory, Algorithms and Applications. Englewood Cliffs.

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Linear Programming under Uncertainty. Management Science 1, No.

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Management Science 3, No. The classic one-dimensional cutting stock problem is to determine how to cut rolls of paper of fixed-width into customer orders for smaller widths so as to minimize waste. The cutting stock problem can be formulated as an integer linear programming problem and solved using column generation. The Cutting Stock Problem case study presents a small example, provides an integer linear programming formulation, and discusses the delayed column generation approach.

The Wikipedia entry lists a number of examples and provides some references.

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VPSolver is a vector packing solver based on an arc-flow formulation with graph compression; it generates models that can be solved using general-purpose mixed-integer programming solvers. In two-dimensional cutting stock problems, rectangular or more general shapes are to be cut from a larger sheet. There are both guillotine and non-guillotine versions. Packing Problems can be viewed as complementary to cutting problems in that the objective is to fill a larger space with specified smaller shapes in the most economical profitable way.

There are geometric packing problems in one dimension, two dimensions and even three dimensions, such as those that arise in filling trucks or shipping containers. The size measure is not always length or width; it may be weight, for example. Given a connected, undirected graph, a spanning tree of the graph is a subgraph that is a tree and connects all the vertices. Given a weight assigned to each edge, a minimum spanning tree is a spanning tree with weight less than or equal to the weight of every other spanning tree.