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Good survivability, but large dimensions and vulnerable engines. High airspeed, long-lasting boost. Low effectiveness in maneuvering combat. Effective in mid-altitude combat and in destroying small amounts of ground targets. Can carry bombs and rockets. Engine V VII F7F. Airframe PJ.

Airframe PL. Cowling-mounted weapon. Machine gun Sustained fire without overheating.

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Effective against maneuvering targets. Autocannon 20 mm M2 C. Effective at most ranges. Increased chance of critical hit. Autocannon 23 mm T4 C.

Autocannon 37 mm M10 C. High single-shot damage.

Lockheed P-38 "Lightning"

High chance of critical hit. Outboard weapon.

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Bombs lb. Effective against armored ground targets. Large blast radius.

Lockheed P Lightning in World War II

Premium aircraft. Add standard configuration to compare. Gun Armament.

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  4. Indicates the capacity to withstand enemy fire. Factors in aircraft durability and the coefficients of resistance to critical damage and fire. Indicates the capacity to damage aerial targets with forward-firing autocannon and machine guns as well as defensive turrets. Factors in damage, range, and accuracy.

    A substantial proportion of P production was committed to the Pacific, where its exceptional range was particularly valuable.

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    Most of the top Army aces in the Pacific flew Lightnings. A few droop-snoots were fitted with radar for bombing through clouds, and, in the final days of the war in the Pacific, a handful of Lightnings were fitted with air-intercept radar for use as night fighters. Manufactured only by Lockheed, the P was built in significantly smaller numbers than the P or P; just over 9, Lightnings of all models were produced. The P was dropped from service after the war ended in Article Media.

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    Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning

    Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. The main U. P Mustangs and P Lightnings, flying very low to avoid radar detection, bombed and strafed countless airfields and infantry columns. Pilots of the P, after escorting bombers into Germany see section immediately below , often freely attacked ground targets while racing back to England at treetop level.

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